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Her Body Her Choice

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

*photo of RR resident at Denver Womxn's March, 2019

In a study of sex trafficking victims (2014), 71% of women reported at least one pregnancy while trafficked, and 21% reported 5 or more. More than half reported having had abortions while trafficked. Pimps and traffickers will either beat a pregnant female until she miscarries, force a back-alley abortion, or drop her off at an emergency room or health clinic for an abortion. After a hospital emergency room (63%), the second most common (30%) point of healthcare contact for women while sexually trafficked is Planned Parenthood. If we, as a society, are to truly support the holistic safety, healing, and empowerment of young survivors, then we must advocate for their full rights to reproductive healthcare.

Sex trafficking by definition results in unwanted pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, unsafe pregnancy, drug-affected embryos, and the list goes on. We cannot claim to fight for survivors of sex trafficking while denying their right to choice and bodily autonomy. The whole point is to give them back their power, not take it away again. Thus, supporting survivors of sex trafficking means supporting their reproductive healthcare needs, their freedom of choice, and their right to bodily autonomy. Resilience Rising stands with survivors today and always.

Support the pro-choice movement with a shirt that helps provide access to reproductive healthcare for survivors of sex trafficking.

Fight sex trafficking. Support reproductive rights.

100% of profits supports Resilience Rising.

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