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In Memoriam


Breezy Lee Bryant Memorial Fund


Breezy's charisma lit up the room. She was captivating with her smile, her laugh, her voice. Music and singing were an important part of her life which she loved to share with others. It was a true gift witnessing Breezy sing karaoke. She emanated passion, and performing gave her the space to show up as her true self: strong, creative, confident, loving, complicated, and full of life.

As a caseworker for Child Protective Services at both the county and state levels, Breezy fought to bring safety, voice, and justice to vulnerable children. She was that caseworker who worked until midnight, on weekends, at Christmas. When children needed her, she showed up.

Breezy and stray dogs were seemingly drawn to each other. She would often post photos of her newest find sitting in the front seat of her car on the way to a shelter. She would even round up coworkers to crawl under vehicles to give a homeless dog a chance at finding a family.

As a freedom fighter, Breezy stood on the front lines of the protests at Standing Rock with her Indigenous sisters and brothers. During political unrest, she showed up week after week to march for women's rights, Black lives, rainbow warriors, immigrants, religious freedom, and Mother Earth. 

Breezy was steadfast in her fight for the most vulnerable among us. Despite the darkness she held, she courageously brought light to the world. She surrounded herself with fellow advocates and activists who continue to fight, resist, and persist. Rest in power, Breezy. Onward we march.

The Breezy Memorial Fund for Resilience Rising will support:

- 'Breezy's Sanctuary' bedroom in the residential treatment facility

- survivors with Indigenous heritage

- former foster youth

- DBT treatment for borderline personality disorder & suicidality 

- music therapy for survivors

- canine therapy for survivors

- social activism opportunities

101 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, PO Box 805, Topanga, CA 90290-9998

(310) 488-8195

To report concerns or seek help for a potential trafficking situation,
call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

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