Community Partners

Amy Au of Untold 2 Rewritten has supported the mission of Resilience Rising from multiple angles. As assistant director during our start-up phase and then as a contracted staff care professional, Amy has provided insight and nurturing for our staff team particularly around trauma stewardship. She has helped staff recognize where their stories end and where youth's stories begin and how to navigate when those stories overlap. Though Amy will continue to be a resource for our staff team, she also partners with other social service organizations and provides recovery coaching to individuals in the community.

Resilience Rising has a partnership with Unbroken Healing, Inc. for offsite individual and family therapy. Founded by a former child protection caseworker, Unbroken Healing uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and mindfulness. Unbroken Healing recognizes that healing is an “unbroken chain” that involves many different areas in life including therapy, diet, exercise, and social supports. Heather Emerich-Wessels, LCSW has extensive experience and expertise that includes domestic violence, child abuse, and adolescent adjustment problems. Going above and beyond, she is currently meeting with one of our youth in juvenile detention so that we can bring her back to Resilience Rising where she can get the nurturing and services she needs.


Founded by former child welfare caseworkers, Inner Goddess Retreats uses the transformative power of global sisterhood to empower women through adventure, yoga, workshops, and meditation. Based in Colorado, they offer annual international retreats but also local workshops and wilderness yoga. With a commitment to helping women and girls embrace their divine selves and discover their truth and their voice, Inner Goddess Retreats has chosen to sponsor Resilience Rising through their work. Additionally, they will be providing weekly yoga classes for our young survivors. Trauma informed yoga re-trains the body and mind connection through movement, breath, and stillness. Through yoga, dissociation can become mindfulness, and anxiety can become safety.


RR has a partnership with the teen health program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Established in 1984, the adolescent program provides a range of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services. The program offers primary care, immunizations, vision and hearing screening, sports physicals, reproductive healthcare, family planning and prenatal care, STD diagnosis and management, nutrition services, weight management, eating disorder treatment, learning and developmental disorders evaluation and management, and mental health consultation. Given that Children's Hospital Colorado can support both adolescents and children, their teen program makes them an ideal fit to treat and empower our teenage mothers. 

Resilience Rising partners with Denver Health's STEP program - Substance Abuse Treatment Education & Prevention - for adolescents. Serving ages 10yo through 24yo, STEP provides outpatient individual therapy and psychiatric care. They have professionals on staff who specialize in both substance abuse and trafficking. Our youth particularly rave about the support they receive from Mauricio Yabar, LCSW, and Brian Milton, BA, CAC III. Psychiatrist Christian Thurstone, MD, extended his commitment to our youth and program by attending an RR staff meeting to educate and empower our staff team regarding one of our youth