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Painting through Pain

poetry and paintings by RR alumna, age 21

I could gather every picture we ever captured together or with one another.

I could collect all empty squared cups, and stressed loose hairs.

I could add all the loose change and hair ties found in all the spots we used to be.

But it still wouldn’t bring back the person I had met… It wouldn’t change the fact of you aren’t here any more.

It’s the empty hallways that echo our tears and most of all our giggles.

The gleam of enhanced change and proudness I carried.

Oh how I would lose everything all over again,

Just to feel the lightness I felt once long ago for so shortly of time.

Underneath it all, it was saddened and bitter.

A love I once carried for way too long… a profound sadness no longer around.

A hardened heart with oh so little love… parts of shattered and taken by all I have ever loved…

Oh how the day goes on.


Survivor A's kid sister bounced around the foster care system and ultimately became a victim of child trafficking. Her death is being investigated as a homicide. Join RR's village as we continue to support Survivor A, reminding her that she is seen and held and that her sister is not forgotten. No child is for sale, and every child matters. Support our mentoring program for young survivors here.

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