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She Got in

narrative by RR alumna, age 20; photo of RR survivor at successful discharge 'graduation' ceremony

Dear Aveda Admissions Team,

I am Enthusiastic about being a potential addition to your Esthiology program! Being a skincare and make-up enthusiast since eight, I have always known I wanted to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Moreover, I know schooling is the first step towards my journey. Consistently browsing what schools are out here that I can see myself succeeding at I came across your school. Not only was I fond of your reviews, but seeing that your well respected and reputable was a plus not forgetting that your products are environmental friendly!

Additionally, I plan on contributing to the beauty industry by spreading change and embracing creativity. Likewise, our industry changes frequently, (As it should) Allowing our inner artist to shine bright creating new trends and allowing everyone to be inclusive. Furthermore, I plan on inspiring greatness by circulating positivity and a I can do attitude. We as a whole forget the smallest actions can make the biggest impact on someone’s day such as a compliment. An old friend used to say, "It cost zero dollars and zero cents to be kind.” Diving to my childhood, growing up I didn’t have parents, I had a grandmother who was just trying to make ends meet. Being told that I can’t participate in school or sports activities if it involved money, hurt me it was fading my aspirations and dreams leading me to believe if I didn’t have the funding I couldn’t do it. making me very doubtful and insecure of my capabilities. Happily, now I know if I want change I create it and don't let financial hardships fog up your dreams. Instead educate yourself on all you can do to broaden your possibilities. I plan to inspire our youth coming from middle class to nothing you can do what you want to do, be who you want to be and to not let anyone or anything take that from you.


By the same token, I plan to embody the Aveda mission by making my beauty routine more eco-friendly. For example, choosing more sustainable beauty brands and choosing products in eco-friendly packaging. Reviewing the Aveda belief statements, the statement that touched me the most is, “We believe in inspiring and educating people to integrate wellness and beauty in their lives.” Education is power, wellness is vital and beauty is a major plus. Not only is taking care of your mind, body, and soul helpful to your wellness, with education you can reach the stars. Self care is something I believe everyone needs in their lives it’s empowering. There’s also another saying, "If you look good you feel good,” I try to go by this faithfully because I find this to be a good kick start to my day.

To conclude, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my letter. I’ve had the opportunity to take this step forward towards my dream and I am forever grateful.

🎓 Education is an invaluable tool for breaking cycles of poverty and empowering women with options outside of sexual exploitation. 💪

Send Survivor N to esthiology school by supporting RR's scholarship program here.

Survivor N designed an RR shirt to support her scholarship. Shop shirts here.

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