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Mission & Values


Resilience Rising combats the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children in the United States by providing residential and mentoring programs with opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment. 


Resilience Rising aims to equip survivors with coping and life skills to break intergenerational cycles of abuse and trauma. With an ultimate goal of increasing a client’s social recovery capital, we can reduce the vulnerability and risk factors for recidivism of substance use, homelessness, survival sex, and sexual exploitation.


Social Justice Lens


Resilience Rising recognizes that sexual exploitation is inherently an issue of social justice and that intersections of power, privilege, and oppression circumscribe the life trajectories of vulnerable youth, women, and marginalized populations. Resilience Rising's programming incorporates these individual, generational, and historical narratives as vital elements of identity development and empowerment.

Equality Model Alignment & Advocacy


Ongoing research illuminates that the vast majority of those in the sex trade want to leave but lack the options, resources, and agency to safely and successfully exit. Resilience Rising advocates for behavioral interventions in lieu of punitive measures for those exploited while holding traffickers, pimps, and johns criminally accountable.

Harm Reduction Model

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Resilience Rising acknowledges that healing is a non-linear, lifelong process with relapse a natural part of the journey. Thus, Resilience Rising provides a lifelong continuum of care including residential treatment, supportive housing, and alumnae mentoring.

Evidence-Based Interventions


Resilience Rising incorporates biopsychosocial interventions backed by research and neuroscience that are client centered, trauma informed, gender specific, culturally empowering, and holistic. 

Trauma Informed Programming

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Resilience Rising honors the inherent courage, adaptability, wisdom, tenacity, and resilience of survivors. Using the stages of change model, a team of diverse and passionate staff helps survivors reclaim their voice, their body, and their power.

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