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You Are More than Enough

narrative by RR alumna, age 20; photo of RR resident at Denver Botanic Gardens, 2019

*trigger warning - suicide

Self harm is a very serious illness a lot of people have that is created throughout life. I'm going to share a story that changed my perspective on self harming. I was 14.

It was a chilly day outside so my family and I are just inside watching movies in the living room. Relaxed. Enjoying family time you can say. Just us kids while mom was at work. My older sibling said she was going to go shower not thinking of anything just letting her go about her business. We finish the movie and she still hasn't came downstairs. I go to check on her in the shower she was already done and in the room. I knock on the door and no response. I knock again and nothing. Open the door to find her past out with a bottle of nyquil and her wrist slit open. I try to wake her up she didn't want to. I grab a cloth and start cleaning her up she didn't want me to and said she just wanted to die and scratched at her self to make it keep bleeding. So I held her down talked to her cleaned her and got her some water while being on the phone with our mother.

Moral of the story ever since that day I dont see the point in ending your life. Life is way more than anything out there. You, yourself is the most beautiful thing youll ever love and truly know. Your all you need. Your more than enough, stronger, with a beautiful mind and can overcome anything in your way. Keep fighting dont give up. Keep your head up and know your a fighter and have the determination to be successful. Your loved even at your lowest without knowing. Be better for yourself. Be amazing in ways no one else is. BE YOU. LOVE YOU. CHERISH YOU. LIVE YOUR AMAZING LIFE.

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