Mission & Values

Resilience Rising combats the commercial sexual exploitation of children and women in the United States by providing residential and mentoring programs with opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment. Resilience Rising provides trauma-informed, survivor-centered support wherein survivors develop the coping and life skills needed to break the inter-generational cycle of abuse and poverty that drives this child welfare, public health, and human rights problem. Resilience Rising recognizes that sexual exploitation is inherently an issue of social justice and that intersections of systems of power, privilege, and oppression circumscribe the life trajectories of vulnerable youth and marginalized populations. Resilience Rising's programming incorporates these individual, collective, and generational narratives as vital elements of identity development and empowerment.

Resilience Rising acknowledges that healing from trauma is a life-long process and that relapse is not an uncommon part of the journey. Thus, Resilience Rising provides a long-term continuum of care including residential treatment, supportive housing, and alumnae mentoring. Resilience Rising honors the inherent courage, adaptability, wisdom, tenacity, and resilience of survivors. Through evidence-based practices and a team of diverse and passionate staff, Resilience Rising provides survivors the opportunity to live freely and authentically as they come into their power.




  • confidential location

  • gender sensitive model

  • trauma informed 

  • safety planning for self-harm

  • harm reduction approach

  • culture of diversity

  • multi-lingual accommodations

  • BIPOC empowerment

  • secular foundation

  • LGBTQ safe space

  • medical and dental care

  • dual diagnosis treatment

  • substance abuse programming

  • eating disorder support

  • individual therapy

  • dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

  • trauma informed yoga 

  • group modalities: writing, art

  • animal assisted therapy

  • physical fitness program

  • 'blue mind' ocean therapy

  • wilderness retreats

  • aerial adventures

  • client-centered programming

  • survivor informed

  • case management

  • educational programming

  • life skills

  • mutual care & parenting skills

  • chronic illness management

  • physical disability accommodation

  • cognitive disability skill building

  • vocational programming

  • legal advocacy

  • community inclusion

  • social activism

  • alumnae mentoring