Our Mission

The vision of Resilience Rising is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the United States through our mission of providing opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment to survivors. We aim to accomplish this mission by providing a long-term, therapeutic residential program in a home-like environment wherein youth can develop the coping skills and life skills needed to break the inter-generational cycle of abuse and poverty that drives this tragedy.

The name of our nonprofit, Resilience Rising, comes from the concept of triumphing over adversity. Our girls, because they have survived their lives thus far, are by definition resilient. Our program helps hone their inherent resilience with various skills to help them rise.
Our Story

Resilience Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit, licensed residential child care facility founded in 2010 and opening in May, 2017. It is the eighth program of its kind in the country.

During her graduate school internship with ECPAT-USA, Founding Director Gillian Wood worked on a policy proposal to encourage state governments to ratify the Safe Harbor Act, enacted in New York in 2008. This law recognizes domestic child prostitutes as victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation instead of treating them as criminals. There is a dire need for residential programs for these children if we as a society are to effectively address this child welfare, public health, and human rights problem.

Resilience Rising was founded on the belief that given opportunities for safety, healing, and empowerment, every child, no matter her story, has the potential to thrive.
PO Box 492, Denver, CO 80201                        resiliencerising@yahoo.com
Children of the Night's 24-hour hotline 1-800-551-1300       National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888

Opening our doors will get girls off the streets, away from their pimps, and literally save lives.


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