Our Programs

Alumnae Mentoring

In 2020, Resilience Rising launched its alumnae mentoring program for youth exiting the residential program. Research shows that having one trusted adult improves the outcomes for youth in and aging out of the foster care system. Resilience Rising's mentoring program aims to maintain established rapport between youth and trusted adults, enhance youth capacity for independent living skills, and ultimately reduce statistical outcomes of aging out, namely school drop out rates and recidivism of homelessness and incarceration.

  • Homelessness 

  • Dropout Rates

    • An estimated 30-50% of children in the foster care system age out without completing high school. Less than 3% go on to graduate from college (Foster Care Newsletter, 2018).

  • Incarceration

    • ​Within 2 years of leaving the foster care system, 25% of youth will have involvement with the criminal justice system (Juvenile Law Center, 2018).

Residential Program

Resilience Rising partners with state and county departments of human services to provide residential programming for youth survivors.

“We are truly appreciative that Resilience Rising continues to find ways to keep her safe and stay at the table with us. That is true partnership and the mark of a high quality provider."

                                                        - County DHS Administrator

"Resilience Rising has the heart and passion for this kind of work, and that is hard to find." - County DHS Caseworker

"Keep doing what you're doing. You worked a miracle on me. I need you all in my life." - 17yo alumna

Opened as a residential childcare facility in 2017 in Colorado, Resilience Rising served over 30 survivors. In 2020, Resilience Rising began its relocation to the United States Virgin Islands.

This relocation was born from the need to enhance the capacity to contain safety, removing youth from pre-existing networks of gang activity, trafficking rings, drug dealers, and toxic family members.